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Escursioni irragionevoli
di una principessa Siciliana nell'esilio
Qui ed Ora 
7th-Oct-2004 02:18 pm(no subject)
I hate that woman. I hate orchestra. I hate it all. This is crap. So much for that great mood. DO NOT berate me as if I were a child. I hope she doesn't wonder why I don't do this next semester. It's not worth it.
Has your tiny school felt claustrophobic? Simply want to find a school with a stronger political scene or a campus that's in city center rather than the cows-and-goats crossroads?

Princeton Review has been my favourite little thing today. Here is what the counselor-o-matic said to me. (I don't expect you to really wade through these, but if you want to and advise me, I'd love you forever...really, I would.)

Top 20 School the Best Match Me ListsCollapse )

Overall Best MatchesCollapse )

So, what did we learn? Well, I may not be an utterly sucky decision maker. I mean, at least good ole MUC made most the lists. Maybe There are just personality issues in conflict here. Though, I should have just paid more attention to some options that I had ignored. If you actually read any of that, I congratulate you. And any advice will be given a special prize as I'm so confused...

Oh, and by the by...if I don't specify a location/state I find the best school in the entire world for me is...Northeastern University in Boston Massechusetts. Dude! Who would have predicted that?
22nd-Sep-2004 12:09 pm(no subject)
Damn that 4th wall. Why must it be my one and only skill?
15th-Sep-2004 12:32 am - Why am I the witness?
(On the phone)
Hi. It's Mark Cohen. Is Alexi there?...No, don't
bother her. Just tell her I'm running a little late
for our appointment...Yes, I'm still coming...Yes,
I signed the contract...Thanks...

How Did We Get Here?
How The Hell...
Pan Left - Close On The Steeple Of The

How Did I Get Here?
How The Hell...

Christmas Eve - Last Year
How Could A Night So Frozen
Be So Scalding Hot?
How Can A Morning This Mild
Be So Raw?

Why Are Entire Years Strewn
On The Cutting Room Floor Of Memory
When Single Frames From One Magic Night
Forever Flicker In Close-Up
On The 3D Imax Of My mind

That's Poetic
That's Pathetic

Why Did Mimi Knock On Roger's Door?
And Collins Choose That Phone Booth
Back Where Angel Set Up His Drums?
Why Did Maureen's Equipment Break

Why Am I The Witness?
And When I Capture It On Film
Will It Mean That It's The End
And I'm Alone?
12th-Sep-2004 10:00 pm(no subject)
I was going to ask people this on AIM, but our network is being crap here. Anyway. Who wants to go to a Blessed Union Of Souls Concert with me on Saturday October 9th? Com'on you know you wanna. Let me know so I can reserve an extra ticket.
11th-Sep-2004 02:22 pm(no subject)
I've noticed that when I have this random hours of nothing to do. I obsessive-complusively check my livejournal. I'm silly I guess...

You're France!

Most people think you're snobby, but it's really just that
you're better than everyone else.  At least you're more loyal to the real
language, the fine arts, and the fine wines than anyone else.  You aren't
worth beans in a fight, unless you're really short, but you're so good at other
things that it usually doesn't matter.  Some of your finest works were
intended to be short-term projects.

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid

8th-Sep-2004 11:38 pm(no subject)
Civil War re-inactment? Any of you other junkies of this thing have books on it or be willing to be interviewed by moi?

There is no class I hate more than public speaking...except maybe Survey of Mass Media.
My lj wedding by chynafox
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flower girlshystar
best maneellewzeeya
you will have your last fling withharumph
secretly wants to marry you themselffadedfailure
date of the weddingNovember 24, 2042
number of times you do it on your wedding night26
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or perhaps

My lj wedding by chynafox
you will marrypurplemoocow
flower girlarseaboutface
best manartemischan
you will have your last fling withteezer_1328
secretly wants to marry you themselflehcarnamhsiel
date of the weddingNovember 27, 2043
number of times you do it on your wedding night63
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and the meme that I can't stand...I'm pretty darn bored 'cause stupid Raider room is closed.

Leave a comment with your name if you want to know what I really think of you, and I’ll reply and tell you. No lies, all honesty.

Post it in your journal after I do yours so I can see the reverse.
Or...not...Though I do find the notes I wrote on the back of my schedule tremendously funny.

7:35 AM: IMPORTANT NOTE! It does not take an hour and 15 minutes to eat breakfast and get to T-H Hall. Must waste more time in the mornings or get up later! yay!

10:05 AM: Yes, when in doubt Robert Frost is the answer. Must find out the name of the music history professor who quizzed me on literature in the music lounge.

10:20 AM: Hmmmm...Does "What are you studying on this fine morning?" count as flirting? 'Cause that guy was cute!

10:45 AM: Got into choir. Good stuff.

11:10 AM: Austin's twin brother?

Theatre professor: *after calling the role* You realize that we have the Meek and the Proud in the same room?

12:30 PM: Another note. It also does not take half an hour to get to T-H from Ketcham. It takes...at best...5 minutes.

2:53 PM: Consider changing major. Have hardly left Cope Hall all day. People think I'm a music major.

3:30 PM: First Soprano. Woot!


In any event....I'm having issues getting a job. I sympathsize with Reno. I can work in the music office from 4 to 6 on Fridays. Ick...my weekends trips cannot wait that long, maybe the Wooster ones, but none of the others. I may be working for the viola professor, but I don't know when those hours are. They're probably ungodly considering the training meeting is Wednesday at 1 AM...no lie. Do I really have to get a job? Really?

Well, I'm off to try downloading WS_FTP_LE again. I really want to work on Astoria.
Gregory Macguire has saved my life. I must write a letter of thanks.
28th-Aug-2004 09:33 am(no subject)
So, I'm at M.U.C. I'll say more when I have more time, but here's the deal. My parents are coming up on Sunday. If anyone would want to come along with them, I'd strongly encourage it.

24th-Aug-2004 01:22 am - Contact Info
So, kids, I leave Thursday. I know, I know, you're all weeping at the sight of that. Well, anyway. I probably won't be posting between now and then because I'm going to be pretty darn busy. *procrastinated too much on packing, plus needs to get a good "friends fix" before I'm off* So, I'll take a leaf out of Cassie's book and give you all my contact info. I would really appreciate it if some people utilized this information, and yes, I'm aware that I'll be getting crazed stalkers.

email address:

natural_born_novelist@yahoo.com (this is the one I'll mostly be using and checking.)

AOL Instant messenger:

BrooklynBlossom (main screenname)
AddictiveLotus (If I'm on my laptop, catching some rays, or in the computer lab)



Since this is public and I don't know who all reads it. You're gonna have to e-mail/message me if you want my phone numbers or address, but please do.

Finally, a little shoutout to everyone who made my time thus far enjoyable, by hanging out with me (for .2 seconds or more), this summer (In no particular order): Rachel Marker, Taryn Watkins, Rebecca Cahill, Krista Murch, Kristin Macauley, Erin Gorsich, Laurel Horn, Audrey Wolfe, Rachel Leishman, Hannah Leishman, Sarah West, Maria Schwabland, Jeremy Angelo, Allison Stoner, Evan Stoner, Kelli Stilgenbauer (my lil sis), Eric Cameron, Sarah Stanke (Rigs), Chris Greenland, Andrew Greenland, Kristen Stocker, Annie Specht, Adam Specht, Josh Larkin, Reno Haney, Jake Komarmy, Brook Moran, Jami Haswell, Katie Wright, Heather Spring, Sam Lengler and everyone else. I know I missed someone important and I'm sorry. (Well, other then those two boys who make the most humourous conversations with my friends possible. heh. That would be Austin and Tony. Plus so many other people who are really, really, really important to me, like Cassie, Katie, Michelle, Jenae *rambles on and on for days* who just didn't happen to hang out with me this summer, or had no clue what they really did mean to me. And of course my role-playing girls, Ashes, Crystal, Rachel #3, and Caro, etc, etc...where would I be without you?)

Well, it's getting late, and being sleep deprived makes me even more weepy than I normally am. Drat me for being emotional. If I don't see you soon. Good Luck with things and remember truely. For a shy person, people mean too damn much to me, so...I probably loved you at some time or another, and probably still do.
Ashes, my love, sorry that I missed you. Maybe we can talk tomorrow. Today was just a really busy day por moi.

Stolen from Rachel, who stole it from Ashes

..bold the ones that apply to you, and add three of your own at the bottom..

01. I have never kissed someone of the same sex.
02. I see a therapist.
03. I'm the youngest child.
04. I am drawn to things associated with sadness.
05. I love my gauged earrings.
06. I wear black eyeliner every day.
07. I am extremely influenced by kindness.
08. I love to write, even though I think I suck at it.
09. I can't live without lipgloss.
10. I’m probably emotionally scarred.

11. I lived in Tahoe.
12. I spend money I have.
13. I'll be in college for over 4 years.
14. I love designer handbags.
15. I’ve had a concussion before.
16. I'm not good with confrontation.
17. I loved the Backstreet Boys.
18. I have more than a couple horrible memories.

19. I'm addicted to Degrassi.
20. I’m spiritual… but not religious.
21. My first kiss was unexpected. and heinous
22. I start school on Jan 4th or 5th.
23. I love taking pictures.
24. I hate girls.
25. I can be mean when I want to.
26. When I allow myself to get close to people, I get very attached.

27. I am bisexual.
28. I have way too many pairs of shoes.
29. I've seen She’s All That at least 50 times.
30. I dress how I feel that day.
31. I love Charmed.
32. Sometimes I cry for almost no reason.
33. I hate when people are ridiculously late.
34. I procrastinate.

35. Winter is my favorite season.
36. I have too many clothes for my closet/dresser.
37. I love to sleep.
38. I wish I were smarter.

39. I believe that it is wrong to be gay.
40. I have a lot of drama.
41. No-one really knows me.
42. I love my hair.
43. I sometimes fight with my parents.
44. I am passionate about my interests.
45. I have had the chicken pox.
46. I'm a hopeless romantic.
47. I feel empty sometimes.
48. I am/was clinically depressed at a point in my life.
49. I am addicted to coffee.

50. I am very outgoing.
51. Christmas is my favorite holiday.
52. I can be very insecure.
53. I don't notice it, but I'm told I'm very softspoken.
54. I hate ignorant people
55. I love my laptop.
56. I love guys that play the guitar.
57. I state the obvious.

58. I'm a happy person.
59. I'm extremely mellow.
60. I contemplate suicide.
61. I hate cleaning my room.
62. I tend to get jealous.

63. I like to play video games.
64. I love John Mayer.
65. I get more upset when I see an animal hurt than a person.
66. I'm a vegetarian
67. I don't like to study for tests.
68. I am too forgiving.
70. I have a good sense of direction.
71. I love school.
72. I've played a musical instrument for more than 5 years.
73. I tend to feel inadequate.
74. I love kisses on the forehead. (I have no prior experience with this, but I think I would)
75. I love the color blue.
76. I sew.

77. I am addicted to drugs.
78. I wear contacts.
79. President Bush is a complete and utter moron.
80. I become stressed easily.
81. I don't take criticism well.
82. Conformity is stupid.
83. Chris Carrabba is one of the suckiest men alive.
84. So is Conor from Bright Eyes.
85. I love my family.
86. I don't mind getting shots.
87. I am a perfectionist when it comes to certain things.
88. I always wanted to learn to play the drums.
89. I can be too hard on myself.
90. I don't like my nose.

91. I am very religious.
92. I still act like a little kid.
93. I am ridiculously indecisive.
94. I believe in a higher power or some form of an afterlife.
95. I love music.

96. I'm in love.
97. I have problems letting go of people.
98. I tend to think with my heart more than my head.

99. I don't really like ice cream.
100. I can't live without books.
101. If my house burned down, I'd try to save my cat.

102. I hate the town I live in.
103. I hate wearing my hair loose.
104. I only dance when I'm drunk.
105. I still sleep with my old stuffed toys.
106. I eat between three and four standard bars of chocolate a day.
107. I fangirl symphony orchestras, musicians, conductors and/or composers.
108. I say "I love you" very lightly, but I usually mean it. I have very flexible definitions of love.
109. I'm obsessed with 1920s Russian art Woo! Constructivism!!
110. I virtually never follow up my ideas
111. I'm really fucking cold right now
112. I love Kiwifruit and Strawberry herbal tea!
113. I love thrift stores
114. Beer is my fave alcoholic beverage *burP*
115. The Eels are the best band in the world.
116. You feel you missed out on much of your life so far.
117. People think you are more innocent than you are.

118. I live on my own.
119. I find amusement in things others would find offensive.
120. I drink diet coke because I like the taste.
121. I went to a Catholic school.
122. I have a tendency to act differently around different people, because I'm still not so sure who I am.
123. After bolding so many statements, my hands hurt, kinda...
124. I look forward to going to college, yet dread it.
125. I love the Spice Girls.
126. Ian Thorpe is one sexy beast.
127. If I know someone, I say hi to them, whether or not I think they'll say hi back.
128. I believe my hands are my best physical asset
129. I have never been kissed...not like real kissed, I mean, kissed period.

And this I stole from Bronzed...yes, I am a geek.

You are a Sailor Senshi! by jyuni
Favorite Sailor Senshi
Senshi ofSound Waves
Your fanbaseputs up badly drawn fanart on art communities
Your guardian is a(n)aardvark.
Main Fuku ColorPink
Secondary Fuku ColorGrey
You must defeatmanawshi
...in the name ofGREEN TUNICS!
Quiz created with MemeGen!
Pedicures are great fun. I recommend that everyone get one. Indeed I do. Even all you males. It is one of the most wonderfully relaxing things in the entire world. That plus the fact that my icky, ugly, calloused feet and now soft a pretty. You just have to see. They're white with purple glitter and the massive sized ones have little purple flowers. (Yes, I'm school spirit girl, sue me) Yes, I'd imagine the guys wouldn't want glitter and little flowers, but damn, it's relaxing. Woohoo!
If you have a Char-broil in your living room...yoooou might be a redneck.

Saying good-bye to Krista again was terrible. I never wanted to let go. At least we made her last night in town for a long while special. I love that girl and we've been through everything together. I'm going to miss her like Hell, even if she has a gril in her living room. Heh...I love the quirkiness that is my Krista Marie.
13th-Aug-2004 01:48 pm(no subject)
11th-Aug-2004 05:50 pm(no subject)
I don't have much of interst to say except...and Taryn isn't even town, so she won't get to read this and findthe humor, but I making a photo collage for college (heh a to e) and Rigs was looking at my pics. Each time she loudly exclaim in a overtly excited little kids voice "Taryn!" even if she wasn't in the pic. I thought it was cute.

Oh and Felias Cumpleanos, Reno!
11th-Aug-2004 04:26 am(no subject)

What Kind of Geek are You?
Favourite Color
Your IQ is very high
You are a word nerd
Your strength is you never need to sleep
Your weakness is alcohol
You think normal people are interesting
Normal people think that you are weird
This quiz by owlsamantha - Taken 40194 Times.
New - Dating Advice written by YOU!

The funny thing...all that's complete true.
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