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Escursioni irragionevoli
di una principessa Siciliana nell'esilio
So...watching Bridget Jones's Diary yesterday reminded me of… 
27th-Dec-2004 05:11 pm
So...watching Bridget Jones's Diary yesterday reminded me of something very important, which I should have thought of considering the quote is my xanga icon, "Everybody knows diaries are full of crap." Yeah, Amy...you know better than to take everything you read at face value. There were times when I didn't think very highly of people who I now hold in very high esteem. I'm just gonna try and forget it ever happened. Maybe it's being in denile, but it might be better for all concerned.

Anyway, The New Year's preparations have officially been finalized. My house at 7-7:30-ish. There will be plenty of food, considering I have been way into cooking again, now that I have the capabilities. Also there's a great deal to keep the guests amused. I mean, that's only if people think my sparkling company isn't enough. *smirk*
28th-Dec-2004 04:12 pm (UTC)
Whoo! Lemme know if I can bring anything. =)
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